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I’ve been researching my own family heritage sporadically since roughly summer 2011. There have been Landeses recorded in the United States for many centuries, but my ancestors have only been in the United States going back three to five generations.

The Landes branch of which I am a part immigrated from Romania, while other branches of my family tree come from Ukraine, Germany (Bavaria), Romania, Poland, as well as other areas of eastern Europe.

Cousinist serves to document my research publicly and to share important genealogical resources I come across through this research.

I’ve been able to accomplish much of my research so far from my desk using online records available through aggregation websites like Ancestry.com, Fold3, and the Family History Library, and I’ve been able to order copies of documents online from the New York City Department of Records.

At some point soon, I will exhaust these resources, and need to complete further research by visiting libraries and archives. I’ll likely hit a brick wall soon afterwards, particularly as history pertains to life before immigration.

At that point, I’ll need to work with people overseas or travel myself to eastern Europe to explore family history further.

For more about me, visit my personal website, This Is Not a Website.


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  1. Marilyn Landes Avatar
    Marilyn Landes

    My husnands family is from Poland, Calel Landes , Sonia Tobias Landes. Both past 2005 and 2011. Lived in Tele Aviv Isreal 1951 -1962 ??

  2. William Neckameyer Avatar
    William Neckameyer

    I am son of Arthur (Aaron) son of Irving son of William (Wolf) ,my son in Israel is Aaron

  3. Mark Avatar

    I am researching the “SOLOMIN” family name. I have seen parts of my SOLOMIN tree within yours. I have pictures and documentation which I would be happy to share with you.

  4. Susan Novak-Backer Avatar
    Susan Novak-Backer

    I am a direct decendant of the Klein and Rosenberg family. My uncle mentioned that we were related to the Landes family as well. Do you know who I can speak to regarding more information on these families? Thank you!

  5. Freda Shafkowitz Avatar
    Freda Shafkowitz

    Hello, My name is Freda Shafkowitz. My father was Alvin Shafkowitz. I was wondering how you are related to either the Shafkowitz’s or the Weisler’s (my grandparents and great grandparents).

  6. pablo Avatar

    Hello, my name is Pablo Landes, a descendant of Polish grandparents in Argentina, and I’m looking family remaining alive after the holocaust in Poland, I would like to know if you prune me help with information, greetings and thanks

  7. Susan Avatar

    Hi Pablo,

    Do you know if you are related to surnames Rosenberg or Lieberman?

  8. Monica Raybon Avatar
    Monica Raybon

    I am searching for information about Jenny Shugalter. Her mother’s name was Anna (Chanah) Landes Shugalter (or Schuchalter), maiden name Hirsch or Hersch. Her siblings were Aharon Nachmani (Schuchalter), Max Shugalter, and Sonia (Shifra) Shugalter Molotch. Max and Sonia immigrated to the U.S. from Russia. I have a photo of the siblings.

  9. Sharon Kolchinsky Avatar
    Sharon Kolchinsky

    Hi Monica Raybon, My husband’s great grandmother was Jenny Shugalter! She married Abraham Edison. I have information about her. Please contact me at smokeyjinxie@aol.com.

  10. Jordan Bass Avatar
    Jordan Bass

    Great site! I came across this while researching Emannuel Vogelfanger, who’s father apparently married into your family. Emmanuel’s wife Sylvia Sobel was my great-grandfather (or my Zaide as I fondly knew him) Herman Srulovitz’ first cousin.

  11. Andrey Avatar

    Amazing tremendous work! Besides, I can offer additional information on the names of Lepiansky as they are associated with my family from Jonava, Lithuania

  12. Karen Avatar

    Hello Harlan. I came across this website in a search to help translate the Hebrew inscription on a headstone. Your site is wonderful. Thank you for creating it and sharing your research history, tips, and your family photos and the
    histories. I checked out your tree on Ancestry.com. We have no matches….yet.

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