These films were recorded by Aaron (Al) Berman from the 1940s through the 1970s. At some point in the 1990s, the 8mm reels were converted to VHS tape. Barbara Berman-Moonlight recently loaned me the VHS tapes to convert to digital format. She also provided several home recordings on vinyl that I digitized and published earlier this year.

I will need some help labeling these videos, so I’ll continue to update this page as I have more to share.

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  1. The first one loaded quickly – still trying to load #2 and #3. Besides Barbara, saw Pat and Al of course – also, saw a chubby 1-year old who was me – a quick Grandma Viv – Grandma Anne, Grandpa Ben, thought I saw Larry Abrams for a second too. Wonderful!!!

  2. Real quick – in ‘Just slidin’ along’ I saw Barbara and Pat, In Here Comes Santa I saw Grandma Lily and also Lena, Sylvia, Cye, Shari, Barbara, Ben, Larry (who was usually Santa), Viv, Grandpa Jack, Baby David, Larry and Grandma Anne at window. In Coney Island I saw Rita, Pat, Barbara, Grandma Anne, Shari, Barbara (walking down street), Cye, Viv, Larry, Rita – all walking on Mermaid Ave, Coney Island — on the ride in Coney Island: Shari, Barbara – in Living Room – Anna, Ben, Larry, Pat, Shari and Barbara. Wish we could reach David Abrams somehow!

  3. Shari, I passed your blog and website info to my nephew Aaron Neckameyer who has moved to Israel, became a Rabi. He is son of Bill Neckameyer who was son of Arthur who was son of Irving and Ana in New York.
    Mark Neckameyer

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