Celia Neckameyer Walcoff found, but without her sister Anna

My great grandmother, Anna Neckameyer Berman, is lost to time. After her husband, my great grandfather, passed away she remarried twice, and I haven’t found anyone who has been able to point me in the right direction.

Her sister, Celia, has been easier to locate. Two years ago, I found a marriage certificate for Celia Neckameyer and George Walcoff, and that was prior to knowing anything about the Neckameyer family. But since then, I’ve been in touch with Walcoff descendants, and they’ve been able to fill in many details about the Neckameyers and their relatives.

Celia Neckameyer Walcoff footstone
Celia Neckameyer Walcoff footstone

This weekend, I traveled to Beth El Cemetery in Paramus, New Jersey to visit Celia and to see if she was surrounded by family members. She is located in the Haas/Walcoff plot along with her husband George, her son Irwin Walcoff, and her daughter-in-law Helen Pollack Walcoff.

The footstones provided specific birth dates and other information that helped me complete information in the family tree. Although the probability was low, I didn’t find my great grandmother near her sister. There has been some thought that Anna is buried in Wood-Ridge or Woodbridge, New Jersey, but without her latest married name or date of death, she’s been impossible to find thus far.

I’ve visited many cemeteries over the last few years in my search for ancestors and relatives, and the staff at Beth El were probably the most friendly and helpful I’ve encountered thus far.






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  1. Kim Kalter Avatar
    Kim Kalter

    Harlan – my name is Kim Kalter and Celia Neckamyer Walcoff was my Great-Grandmother. I am the daughter of Myrna and Stephen Wulfson. Myrna is the brother of Steven Walcoff, the daughter and son of Irwin and Helen Walcoff. Irwin is the son of Celia and George Walcoff. I forwarded your blog to my Dad as he is the keeper of the family tree and may be able to provide you with information that you are missing. I hope that he reaches out to you! I knew Celia for 16 years and I rememeber her fondly. She was a lovely woman, always had a smile, and loved to sing.

    1. Harlan Landes Avatar
      Harlan Landes

      Thanks for leaving a message, Kim! I’ve sent you an email.

  2. Mark Walcoff Avatar
    Mark Walcoff

    Hi Harlan…this caught me off guard. While searching for info on my deceased sister I came across this article. My name is Mark Walcoff and my fathers name was George Walcoff. I know it’s been a while since you wrote this but I’d like to connect with you to see if there is any connection. I can be reached at mwalcoff@mac.com

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