Marriage certificates received: Berman/Neckameyer, Lustig/Sturmwald, and Klein/Herman

In order to complete the Family Tree I’ve been researching, I’ve ordered a number of birth, marriage, and death records from New York City. Last month, I received my first order, the marriage record for Sam Berman and Anna Neckameyer. Sam is my mother’s father’s father.

The record provided Sam and Anna’s parents’ names, filling in several holes, though Anna’s mother’s maiden name is a little unclear to me. I interpreted the handwriting as “Rochaurtz.” Take a look for yourself.

1910 Federal Census - Neckameyer

Samuel and Anna Marriage Certificate page 1
Samuel and Anna Marriage Certificate page 1

Today I received marriage records for these marriages, as well, providing more information that advances the family tree through more generations of history: Joseph Lustig with Eliza Sturmwald, and Jack Klein with Lillian Herman. Joseph Lustig is father’s father’s mother’s father, and Jack Klein is my mother’s mother’s father.

Here is the first page of Jack and Lillian’s certificate.

Jack and Lillians Marriage Certificate

Lillian’s age is listed as 18, but my records indicate she was 16 at the time. Jacob was born in Podol, Poland. Jack’s naturalization records list his birth town as Padolski, Russia. I am still unsure if this refers to the Kamyanets-Podilskyi area currently in the Ukraine or Podolsk located near Moscow.

The second page of the marriage certificate for Joseph Lustig and Eliza Sturmwald includes more information for their families.

Joseph and Elizas Marriage Certificate p2

Eliza Stumrwald Lustig's death certificate [NYC Department of Records]
Eliza Stumrwald Lustig’s death certificate [NYC Department of Records]

Isaac Lustig and Hanie Roth, Joseph’s parents, were new names to me, as were Eliza’s parents’ names, David Sturmwald and Janetta Shyck.

This new information has given me more to explore, although I am certainly having difficult finding immigration records as well as any concrete information about my family pre-immigration. In terms of my pedigree, I’m three names away from completing five generations, but I have only four complete names in the sixth generation. For more details about the Family Tree, visit the site on This is a private Family Tree, so request access from me if you would like to review the information.






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