The two marriages of Fannie Landes

Fannie Landes first married Albert Paltiel, then married Adolph Goldenberg after Albert died. The two marriage certificates expand the family tree but don’t definitively answer questions about Fannie’s mother, Bertha.

Bertha Jereslawitz Landes’s death certificate

The latest of three death certificates I’ve received in the mail is the least conclusive, yet I am inclined to consider some of the facts accurate enough to include this death certificate for Bertha Landes.

Is this the real Joseph Lustig?

Just like I had difficulty reconciling Eliza Strumwald Lustig’s death certificates with the facts I considered to be true, I now have the same concerns about this death certificate for Joseph Lustig.

The Lepianskis in Lithuania

Just days ago I had little information about my great grandmother. Now, I know about her entire family in Lithuania.